Intuitive Foraging

March 30, 2023 2:00 pm

This 2 part intimate workshop is for anyone with an interest and curiosity in plants, and who wants to get to know the main wild plants of the garden. You will learn how to correctly identify common Beirut plants, based on the many that grow in Haven’s garden, and include them in everyday life, through cooking, skincare, self-sufficiency, and so on.
Rianna will be sharing her experiences and what she has been learning throughout her journey into the world of weeds, through stories, experiences, legends, and folk tales about plants. The workshop includes a tea-making exercise.
At the end of the first session, we will invite people to gather a few herbs to take home, to reconvene for a second session in April to share experiences and creations.
More info on the workshop and registration via the link in the bio!

About the facilitator:
Rianna is a forager who lives in Bhamdoun. She started her journey with an online course called ‘Introduction to Herbalism’ with The Herbal Academy, which sparked her interest to learn about the native and local plants in Lebanon. As she explored her craft deeper, she connected with people around the country doing similar projects and exchanged knowledge with them, for example with the collective Tariq el Nahl (medicine making, planting).
Rianna is constantly trying to find ways to be less dependent on the systems in place and getting to know the wild plants is allowing her to do exactly that. Her main goal is to spread awareness around those plants and regain ancestral knowledge that has been lost since our parents and grandparents, while constantly decolonizing her view on food and agriculture.