our mission

+ vision

Haven for Artists (HFA) is a cultural feminist organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Working at the intersection of art and activism, Haven is a physical and digital platform supporting cultural works and knowledge production rooted in intersectional feminism, gender and racial justice, and decolonial practices. 

Founded in 2011 by artists and activists, Haven began as a mobile body that hosted festivals, performances, artist residencies, shelter programs, and exhibitions promoting local and regional artists. Growing into an art house, Haven is a safe space to expand and sustain freedom of expression and the equitable exchange of knowledge, tools, and skills for unrepresented and marginalized communities.



Birth of Haven

founded by a group of artists and activists


4 Events

Including Salus Ex Machina


7 Events

Including The Haven Trifecta – Tales of Indulgence


6 Events

Including A Current Wave of Nectar


1st Haven House

22 events including Autumn Sonata – as the leaves fall and For the love of the Arts/A Fundraiser


74 events

Including Radical: Choice and Consequence


2nd Haven House (Concept 2092)

63 events including the Haven artist Residency


61 Events

Including Mena-Logue, Vices and Validation and NEDWA


Haven goes to the street

Haven closes Concept 2092 and join the street protests and interventions in support of the October Revolution


“Courage” and Relief

Relief work after the August 4th blast, opening of a temporary shelter. Release of “Courage”


Haven Online

Haven moves all work to the digital space, from exhibitions and campaigns to relief work and fundraising


Community Center

Haven re-opens its community center.

meet the team

Dayna Founder + Executive Director

Yasmine Creative Director

Marilyn Designer + Illustrator

Siel Project Coordinator

Joanne Accountant

Tiffany Designer + Animator

Anna House Manager

Martin Team Mascot

Nadim Researcher