To Speculate

April 5, 2023 ~ April 6, 2023 6:00 pm

Writing workshop with Islam Khatib and Mahnoor Mahar
Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April, 6-8PM

“To speculate” is a methodological writing workshop that focuses on addressing writing from
critical yet intimate perspectives. To speculate is to assist in a vision; etymologically, it is to
watch, spy, look, and, in a sense, to prey and then hunt. In contexts where visions are transient and ideas are constantly in flux, making it impossible to hold on to, to speculate is to offer yourself a third, and a fourth, or perhaps no viewpoints at all, because it is all speculation at the end of the day.

About the facilitators:
Islam Khatib is a Palestinian researcher

Mahnoor Mahar is a researcher, feminist organizer and multi-disciplinary artist based in London and Pakistan. She is one of the founders of Khamoshi Films, a community-based feminist film collective.

This workshop is curated by Shatr:
Shatr is a collective that aims to excite, maintain, and nurture the culture of writing and poetry in Beirut and showcase mediums of expression where poetics flourish. Shatr’s interest lies in creating conversation between classical conventions of poetry and its most current forms, while reimagining modules of the spoken word and other presentations of poetry. The collective is run by Theresa Sahyoun, Nadine Makarem, and Sarah Huneidi, and is currently developing curated events and a series of workshops.