What makes each of us feel safe?

September 15, 2023 6:00 pm

We are happy to launch a series of theatre and movement-based workshops facilitated by Berlin-based Gina Farrow, artist and cofounder of the collective @interfemcollective who will be occupying the Haven artist studio between September and December. In parallel, Gina will also be directing a community-based theatre performance to take place at the end of their residency.

The first workshop is titled “What makes each of us feel safe?”. Participants will engage with different questions and probes regarding the meaning of safe(r) spaces. A safe(r) space is a supportive, non-threatening physical and emotional environment, in which all participants feel free to express themselves and share experiences without fear of judgment or discrimination. The term safe(r) indicates that safety is relative: not everyone feels safe under the same conditions. The need to establish and maintain safe(r) spaces is often overlooked or underestimated. What makes each of us feel safe? How can we contribute collectively and individually to the creation and maintenance of safe(r) spaces? How is privilege related to such processes? Participants will engage with these ideas through different exercises including body movement, meditation, and writing exercises.