Collage Workshop

September 13, 2023 6:00 pm

A Collage workshop with Ghyda Helou.

This collage workshop is a creative and interactive four-hour session, where participants will explore the art of collage-making. It is part of the design and illustration program; a series of workshops and talks for artists, curated by Marilyn Mokbel.

Collage allows for a dynamic interplay between different elements, enabling participants to juxtapose contrasting images or blend disparate elements together to create new, thought-provoking narratives. Participants will learn techniques for cutting, arranging, and gluing these materials onto a surface, allowing them to express their creativity and personal narratives through a visually appealing medium. We will go through the notions of scale, contrast, color palettes, patterns, textures, and many other techniques to help the participants tell their own stories.