Screenwriting Workshop

June 13, 2023 ~ June 22, 2023 6:00 pm

Join our 3-day screenwriting workshop organized by Shatr Poetics to enhance your storytelling skills and gain valuable insights into character development, narrative structure, and visual storytelling techniques. Engage in interactive exercises and constructive feedback as you work towards crafting compelling worlds and creating stories that resonate with today’s audience.

About the facilitator:
Aya Sophia Saleh is a multidisciplinary director, screenwriter, and playwright from Beirut Lebanon. She received a BA in Theatre at Purchase University in New York, where she was awarded The Kay Ellen Capo Award for Best Undergraduate thesis play and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Soon after graduating, Aya served as an artistic director to LA-based director Robert Ackerman on the hit Broadway production “Blood”.
In 2019, Saleh completed her MFA in Directing with an emphasis on screenwriting and playwriting at UCLA in California. During her time there, she served as an assistant teacher to award-winning director Brian Kite and as assistant director at the Geffen Playhouse. She also directed the Maria Bello Virtual Reality Project ‘The Sun Ladies’.
Aya is currently based between Paris and Amsterdam. Her work is driven by the interrelationship of spatiality and narrative, deconstructing Western dramaturgy and alternative systems of performance. Her work has been showcased in several theaters and universities such as the Lebanese American University, Purchase, and UCLA.