Shatr Collective

November 21, 2022 ~ November 23, 2022 6:00 pm

The Collective: Shatr is a collective by Sarah Huneidi, Theresa Sahyoun and Nadine Makarem that aims to revive, maintain, and nurture the culture of writing and poetry in Beirut, and organize workshops and curated events that showcase writing and other mediums of expression where poetics flourish. We also aim to rethink and discover the tools available for poets to deliver their poetry. Our interest is to find the balance between the classical conventions of poetry and its most progressive current forms and to rethink the modules of the spoken word while decentralizing it from its dominant American heritage.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire, support, and offer guidance to up-and-coming poets or those simply interested in writing poetry, with a piece of writing to workshop, develop, and perform. Participants will be asked to bring in a piece – it can be in any stage of completion – from an initial idea or inspiration, to almost finished. The workshop will be mostly in English, but written works can be in English or Arabic.