New Chronicles

“New Chronicles: Reimagining Myths and Stories”

This continuous series of theater & movement-based workshops spanning over 2 months will involve a group of participants who will be writing & creating a collective script, culminating eventually in a live performance. This exploration will take the participants on an active journey of understanding what constitutes the male gaze, as well as its implications on our lives and narratives, with the aim of ultimately deconstructing it.

Gina Farrow was born in Athens & grew up on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. They have been based in Berlin since 2010. Gina is an intersectional feminist performer & activist with influences from Judith Butler, and Paul. B. Preciado and Audre Lorde. In 2022 Gina co-founded the association InterFem Collective, a Berlin-based intersectional feminist collective with the goal to self-organize & empower migrant, refugee, and BIPOC FLINTA* folks through artistic expression & activism. They work professionally as a theater maker, director, singer, & discrimination-critical trainer.