C.E: Panel 04

January 25, 2023 7:00 pm

About the panelists:

Mae Moss (she/her) is a feminist and archivist who has volunteered and worked for the Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) for the past 5 years. She currently works on the ‘Three Decades of Changing Minds’ project. This project intends to interpret, safeguard and share GWL’s 30-year heritage, enabling the
organization to ‘look back to move forward’. Mae’s work focuses on making the unique history of the library accessible, both through archival practice and
public outreach.​

Lara Saab is an artist and researcher working with multi–dimensional modes and devices for storytelling and documenting through mediated collaborations between video, sound, performance, and text. Saab is the program coordinator of the Home Workspace Program (HWP) at Ashkal Alwan.

Sandra Kastoun is the director of Communications
at Ettijahat – Independent Culture. She’s a visual artist & painter,
art historian, cultural researcher, and feminist

Mona El Hallak is a Beirut-based architect and heritage preservation activist, a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Syracuse University – Florence Program. In January 2017, she joined AUB as the director of the Neighborhood Initiative which aims to mobilize the full power of AUB for the public good in Ras Beirut, promoting the neighborhood’s livability, vitality, and diversity through research and outreach activities.

Marie-Nour Hechaime works as a curator at the Sursock Museum in Beirut since 2020. She is interested and invested in projects and productions at the intersection of arts, activism and societal issues that strive to articulate and exercise points of interrelation between disciplines, as well as alternative modes of generating knowledge and collaboration.

The panel will take place on January 26th from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Beirut Art Center.

This series of panels were produced in partnership with the British Council Lebanon and the Momentum Programme.