baysour automn sonata

October 7, 2016 ~ October 9, 2016 6:00 pm

The end of summer emerges with the sonata of leaves. We move to the open stretches of fresh soil and a cool breeze to forgo the tension of Beirut traffic and heat. Haven will set up camp as the cicadas prepare to whisper in the night. We will lay to rest the old as we strum and paint to the passing of time. The installations were reflections of the deteriorating structures found in the city. The stern and abrasive forms of day-to-day melancholia will be contorted with light and nature. The first night hosted screenings in the open air of short local and international films, and a feature screening and musical stage. A free culinary feast was prepared in order to bring together all those that attend, to meet on Friday night. A flea market and full farmers market was available all through the weekend with cooking, performance, and music workshops. An acoustic stage was active throughout the day lining the riverbed.