June 10, 2022 ~ June 12, 2022 6:00 pm

ARCANA III: On horoscopes, tech-magic, and space witches.
Curated by: Melissa Ghazale
Location: At Haven’s House
Free Registration via the ARCANA link in our bio – Zoom link available.

Arcana is a full moon gathering of multidisciplinary artists to share their knowledge, practices and rituals. This edition is an open series of online talks featuring local and international artists around the themes of astrology, tech magic, and other alternative histories…

Day I:
10. 06. 22

18:00 Musical Act by Andy Khouloussy: an immersive didgeridoo performance combining unique drone and ambient sounds with electronic and percussive effects.

19:15 Horoscope Chart Reading by Samar el Summary. This talk will cover the basics of natal chart interpretation such as sect, houses, and aspects.

Day II:
11. 06. 22

18:00 An introduction to Batool Desouky’s work and practice-based research on the intertwined histories of technology and magic.

19:15 Performance by Sarah Huneidi, Carla Habib, and Nadine Makarem Splinter: An audiovisual performance that traces the transformation of a consciousness contained in a vessel flesh to a severed, boundless and inorganic multiplicity of the self.

Day III:
12. 06. 22

18:00 Screening of Space Witches by Rosa Nussbaum Commissioned work by Residency Unlimited as part of the Food Futures Exhibition. Curated by Livia Alexander and Isin Önol. Curatorial Assistant: Chayna Yoshida.

19:15 Discussion about Space Witches with Rosa Nussbaum will introduce her interactive web installation Space Witches, which imagines an alternative history of space exploration.

Artwork and video by Aia Atoui.