A Cinema of Refusal, Film Club

March 27, 2022 7:30 pm

The strategies of neoliberalism deregulation, privatization, and expropriation of wealth toward Western nations redoubled the indebtedness of the so-called global South and helped provoke debt crises everywhere and here as we know it (and live it). Embedded as it almost always is within the global circuits of capitalist culture, cinema has a particularly complex relationship to globalization– these economic shifts affect film funding, modes of production, and the institutions of international distribution, all of which intersect with histories of genre, form and representation. What we wanted to present and screen in these times of crisis are films that resisted the dominant narratives, forms and circulatory mechanisms of global neoliberalism whether in their production, stories or formal choices.

Our first cycle will be called ‘THE CINEMA OF REFUSAL VOL 1’. A cinema that refuses any form of oppressive structure and resists ethnic and cultural erasure. Four films screened every last Sunday of the month. Curated by @malakmroueh : Malak is a filmmaker born in Nabatieh.

Screening this Sunday at 7:30pm:

‎خاک سر به مهر

Directed by Marva Nabili
Iran, 1977
90 min
A young woman in pre-revolution Iran is caught between the traditional values of her small
village and her own yearnings for