yalla care

August 10, 2021 10:00 am

Yalla Care (launched in May 2020) originally started as a fundraiser which grouped LGBTQIA2+ organizations in Lebanon in response to the community’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the blast of August 4th, 2020, the same group of organizations, among a few newly formed initiatives came together in September 2020, under the same umbrella of Yalla Care to ensure the cohesive distributions and assessments of the community’s needs. After assessing the needs varying service provisions were distributed among the members of the coalition. Creating focal points for particular service provisions enables the community of direct assistance whilst relaying on coalition referrals to those that require more than one service. Lists are correlated to ensure no one is left behind while each organization relies on its own funding and staff in collaboration with the remaining members.

Yalla Care was conceived as a solidarity project by different local organizations and aims to create a robust network of support and service provision amongst queer and other marginalized communities. Organizing, collaborating, and coordination for immediate relief under multiple levels.