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Haven for Artists is a locally based, non-governmental NGO based in Beirut, Lebanon. The organization aims to endorse, encourage and expose the modern underground art scene of Lebanon and the Middle East.

Today, Haven acts as a network for a variety of local and regional artists, with the purpose of providing necessary resources to forge creative collaborations and develop a community of artists: a community for the arts by the arts.

Haven for Artists runs a multitude of programs and activities such as gatherings, exhibitions, events, the Haven House workshops, and an innovative artist-in-residency program. Haven gatherings and events attract hundreds of art enthusiasts and attendees and have hosted over 300 participating artists, by hosting 39 artistic gatherings, 25 screenings, 120 jam sessions, 2 festivals which include exhibitions, musical performances, and spoken word.

The Haven House hosts 4 arts residency spaces; international, regional and local artists apply to pursue a specific creative project – once screened and accepted the artists are welcomed to the Haven House where they find a net of general support from the community and specific logistical and creative support from the Haven team. The output is exhibited and marketed through Haven to give the residents the exposure and the experience of exhibiting/performing amidst the underground creative scene in Lebanon.
Haven for Artists is open to discuss any potential collaborative projects with interested parties. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in working together towards the goal of creative community cohesion! 

RADICAL- Choix et conséquences

Haven for Artists in collaboration with the Institut français du Liban is organising & hosting Radical: an art fair and gathering, from the 25th of August till the 25th of September.

“The ways that we behave and express ourselves are shaped by the cultures in which we participate. Since the mid-Twentieth century, philosophers, social scientists, and historians have theorised that the roles, characteristics, and activities which define our thoughts and choices are not innate, but rather socially constructed. Behaviours thought to be opposing extremes differ from one culture to another and across time periods.”