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//Jean Corrieras Mur
Who I am and why I am. I am an analogue photographer by choice and by default. I have always been interested in capturing the things around me, it could be due to my need to instill life even after the life of the moment is released. At first, it was only my immediate surroundings but as time progressed, so did my need, desire and longing to encapsulate everything in the light that could evade my eye but couldn’t escape my lense. You cannot make a moment, regardless of direction, props, teams and sets, it is not made, it is crafted to a certain extend but the rest is reliant of reality; on the moments we are blind to, the pain we cannot feel, the aching we cannot live without. Photography is bare, vile and unforgiving. It does not change to appease you, it cannot be redrafted to what you thought you saw, only what was truly there. Even if for a moment a human were blind to a flash of the thigh or the fluttering of a lash; a photograph will infringe the beauty you overlooked, it will bring forth the honesty behind the lie. Just as many have aspired before me, I hope to magnify the beauty, simplicity and vigor of life as if to hang onto a memory.   Obsession a project in retrospect If my yearning could speak, it would be her name. Lea Love manages to find itself nudged in-between the things you crave and the moments you didn’t know you cared for. It is the perfectly woven quilt of desperation, desire  and compromise. It is the utter and absolute need to be cradled, held, the magnificent need to be complete. The void is not filled with the person themselves but with the notion that loneliness no longer can grapple with your wakeful hours. Now my hours, days, minutes and months plunge forth into the depth of her eyes. They drink life from the warmth of her hands. They pool around the arch of her heel and worship the temple of her woes. She is as I am, complete.