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//Sandra Kastoun
Visual Art
Sandra Kastoun is a Syrian/ Russian artist: Born on 17/06/1988 In Moscow – Russia, then moved to live in Syria, currently living in Beirut – Lebanon. Her education started at the Fine art university of Damascus 2006/2009, where she studied Arts Graphiques, later she became an AIU Arabic International University student from 2008/2012 and graduated with a Visual communication art bachelor Degree. Whilst being an art student there she took extra courses such as History of modern art, Semiology studies, and Conceptual arts Applications. She also learned Arabic Calligraphy techniques 2010/2011: By Jamal Boustani (Syria –one year course) and Illustration arts Techniques 2011: By Painter Elias Al Zaiat (One Year course). Her experience in the field of art is progressive. Sandra Worked with most visual communication arts domains such as photography , photomontage and mixed media which projected her Influences of different artists such as Max Ernst , Hannah Hoch and Eugenia Loli (contemporary artist), also worked in video art and film as a DOP , yet illustration arts and painting remained a passion of hers along with the other listed digital arts. As a painter Sandra exhibited with Haven for Artists (contributed with 3 exhibitions). Her work is influenced by many artists most obvious ones are Joseba Eskubi, and Zdzisław Beksiński due to the surrealist fantastical feel of her worlds, yet she does not adopt a specific school rather than experimenting with their verities. Due to her study in fine arts / department of visual communications, her concern regarding the significance of visual mediums elevated, and shaped her development strategy. This importance comes from the fact that mediums signifies the languages ,through which artworks expresses feelings or represent concepts then state their thesis .Learning new visual techniques and experimenting with its applications on her surreal liquid parallel reality , is the noticeable artistic behavior Sandra has adopted throughout her journey so far . Through Verifying the visual technical language that is used to create her fictional realms that suggests possible realities, Sandra aims to result art projects, each expresses its self in its own tong. “Art never expresses anything but itself” Oscar WILDE Sandra has worked with different coloring techniques starting intensively with watercolor, and having a very expressionist feel with her display also painted with chalk then lately she is working with oil colors. Sandra's aim is enjoying the process its self through a journey of an experimental spontaneous technical path added to studied concepts or ideas, eventually practicing the act of imagining and portraying it on a her canvases.