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Sandmoon is an indie pop/folk band originating from Beirut, Lebanon. Initiated by singer/songwriter Sandra Arslanian, the band has gone through periodical changes in its formation – a little like the immutable sand would be surrounded by a changing moon. It was initially formed in 2010 & released a first album locally, raW. In 2013, the band was revamped & a second album was released in Autumn 2013 - Home, featuring their single Home, which received wide acclaim and heavy radio airplay in Lebanon. Their singles Home, Walk & Things were accompanied by singular video clips that equally caught the audience’s attention. After having played the local circuit and festivals, sandmoon went on a mini European tour (Stockholm, Brussels, Paris) as an acoustic duo in 2015. Today, the band is exploring new avenues from the orchestration of songs to the recording of soundtracks.