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//Mariam Hammoud
Performance Art
How can I finish this shroud of fabric? Ever since these black banners were cast upon us, I began scavenging for the necessary remaining pieces. Who would be there at the burial other than I? When do we die, son? Loneliness, loss, disappointment... Death. They say I am better off being the mother of a killer than being the mother of a deceased. But what if he kills me? What if he kills me not! Almayram, centered around the representation and place of the body in the Arab world today, is also a deconstruction and re-contextualization of the most iconic and horrific images and videos that we constantly receive; images of wars and atrocities that affect our perception and the very core of our daily lives. What are the restraints? What is the reality to begin with? How to find meaning? What is representation in the face of such a dire situation? Almayram hopes to answer such questions in the first episode of a trilogy of performances that will be presented to the public in the near future.