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//Dayna Ayash
Performance Art
Dayna Ash is a writer/performing artist, currently residing in Beirut, Lebanon. Dayna was originally raised in California. At the age of 16, she dropped out of school and soon after found herself in Beirut (2007) where she founded a collective dedicated to the arts by the name of Haven for Artists soon after in 2011. The collective is intended to act as a community in order to collaborate and better expose artists to different forms of art, that therein would lead to the eventual expansion of the artistic capacity within the Middle East. She began experimenting with the artists she met along the way till the band Thallo was formed by Mohammad Siam, Bilal Tarabey and Herself in 2015. Thallo (Θαλλώ, literally "The one who brings blossoms"; or Flora for Romans) or Thalatte was the goddess of spring, buds and blooms, a protector of youth. The trio met in a jam session hosted by Haven for Artists in Beirut, Lebanon in June 2015 where they began making music best defined as a mixture of jazz electronica with poetry and fusion.